Jael : Night

As she switched the TV channel from the Food Network to Telemundo, she struggled with the thought of the man lying in her bedroom upstairs. She had taken a hot bath and was drinking a hot cup of coffee yet it didn’t still her trembling hands nor the thoughts that she had just murdered a man in cold blood.
  She stared blankly at the TV as the events of the evening went through her mind for about the umpteenth time.
  She had dressed in her night wear and ready for bed when she heard the bang on her front door. It couldn’t have been her husband, Hebert – whom she chided for running back and forth enemy lines in the name of business – who wouldn’t be back until the war ended. She hated this damned war.
  She met Sisera , the army chief of the president of Canaan, Jabin, behind the bangs. He looked tired and haggard with blood gushing from an open wound at the side of his face.
   Why had he come here of all places? He knew her husband was loyal to Jabin and so did the Israeli army. They’ll be in search of him.
   He held his gun to her head even as she obeyed his every command. She had taken him to her bedroom as he ordered and had given him a glass of milk to quench his thirst. She hated him. She hated his guts; hated seeing him sleep so peacefully after all the pain his depravity had caused.
  Now he laid on her bed with a bullet between his eyes.
  She thought about the people’s reaction should the headlines carry this news; ‘Enemy general killed by housewife: Feminist propaganda? ‘.
  She wasn’t ready for the drama she found herself in. She had killed a man; this meant that she had stepped over her line as a quiet housewife and would be likened to Deborah the infamous woman seer- who had joined the men in battle- she would be labelled a feminist and an advocator for women equality in Israel.
  This was bad for business.
  She picked up her phone and dialed the emergency line.
  ‘I have him in my room, 24 Kenite Boulevard’,  was all she said to the ruddy face of the woman that popped up on the phone’s screen.  That was all she needed to say.
  In about half an hour, she was awoken by another bang on her front door.

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